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The Week of January 24th

The Week of January 24th

All off new product arrived last Friday, not without customs drama, but in time for our big makeover event last Saturday.  We rushed to get the product into inventory and onto the floor and made just in time to start pouring the Prosecco Saturday morning, like we always do.  

Monday and Tuesday were photo shoot days.  Our trusted model/sales associate/want-to-be lawyer came in fresh eyed and ready to go.  Unfortunately, our photographer/CEO/designer not so fresh eyed with the flu.  But the photo shoot went on, and on, and on.  

Tuesday afternoon with photo shoot complete, Tanya spent the afternoon in bed, nursing her fever, editing photos.  

With 101 fever, Tanya decided to teach herself how to use Adobe illustrator to create the cover image for the website and the New Collection.  In the haze of illness, she still has no idea how she turned out these amazing photos and created this black/white and color collage of Italy and product for our new cover page.  

By Thursday our new collection, featuring our denim line, will be all available online and in time for our Style Chicago event this Friday at W City Center in Chicago. 

We will of course email everyone with the announcement (and probably drive everyone mad), but we really feel like this new collection has taken Via Strozzi to a whole new level of quality and style. 

Hope you enjoyed our new posts . . . and check back soon for more drama, antics and laughter.

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